Bitter Minnesota Beer of the Week – Fair State Brewing Cooperative’s Hefeweizen

Welcome to the very first edition of Bitter Minnesota Beer of the Week! We are excited to partner with local breweries on this blog series and bring to you interesting behind-the-scenes stories about how some of your favorite local craft beers are made. To kick off the series, we sat down with Niko Tonks, head [...]

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What Are Visitors Saying About Bitter Minnesota

Toronto, Montreal, New Jersey, Madison, Topeka, Portland  - we've had customers from all of these cities and we love them all! Typically, out-of-towners do their research before they even get here. They to try to find the activities that help them learn more about Minneapolis, that are also safe and fun. Bitter Minnesota often comes up at [...]

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What Breweries Made the City Pages 2015 Best of the Twin Cities List?

Every year City Pages staff sits down and puts together a comprehensive list of places we love and things we like to do in the Twin Cities. The 2015 list was just released and we browsed the Food & Drink section to see what breweries and brew trends made the list. Best Brewery Minneapolis 2015 - Indeed Brewing [...]

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The Number of Minnesota Breweries Continues to Rise

According to MPR, the state of Minnesota is projecting that the number of licensed breweries will rise to 111 in 2015 — up from just five breweries a decade ago. How amazing is that? As you can assume, much of the credit for the resurgence of breweries goes to the "Surly bill," which was signed [...]

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What Your Taproom Server Wants You to Know

We take pride in showing off local breweries to newbies and we often get asked about taproom etiquette. Breweries are often very busy and to navigate them could look challenging for first time visitors. To help with that, MN Beer Activists sat down with servers from 8 local breweries and put together a list of  13 Things Your Taproom [...]

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What Are The Best Twin Cities Taprooms for Live Music?

City Pages has the answer! Harriet Brewing may be your favorite, but did you know you can see bands at Insight and LTD Brewing too? Here are the highlights: Bauhaus Brew Labs With German-inspired beers ranging from pilsner to schwarzbier and the new "hoppy bock" seasonal Über Düber, the colorful taproom is a venue built with [...]

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Bitter Minnesota Announces Ugly Sweater Beer Tour

Put your ugliest sweater on and join us this Sunday for the first ever Bitter Minnesota Ugly Sweater Beer Tour! Here are the deets. WHO:  Bitter Minnesota, in collaboration with Sociable Cider Werks, Indeed Brewing, Insight Brewing, Fair State Brewing and Northgate Brewing. WHAT: Ugly Sweater Beer Tour WHEN: 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Sunday, December 21, 2014 [...]

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City Pages Includes Bitter Minnesota In Their Holiday Gift Guide for Beer Lovers

Just in time for Christmas gift planning, City Pages featured craft  brewery tours as no. 3 gift in their Essential Holiday Gift Guide for Local Beer Lovers, next to growlers, art and cool brewery merch. Visiting a single brewery with friends is fun. Visiting several is more fun. The catch? Transportation. Why not get somebody else [...]

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Minnesota Craft Beer Week

Are you ready for  a full week of craft beer awesomeness? Minnesota Craft Beer Week (MNCBW), taking place May 13-21, is part of the much larger American Craft Beer Week starting May 16, which celebrates the community and culture of craft beer with hundreds of small, local events nationwide. So, how to plan properly so [...]

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A Mega Map Of 2,500 Breweries Across The U.S.

Feast your eyes on this amazing Mega Map of 2,500 breweries across America. It’s a follow up to last year’s version which only featured about 1,000 landmarks. Source: Fast Company.

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