A History of Minnesota Breweries, in GIFs

Beer and GIF's. We obviously love the map that was just released on MPR news, explaining the history of Minnesota breweries. The first heyday of Minnesota brewing came in the 1870s, when the largest number of breweries were producing beer. These, however, were mostly small family businesses that provided beer for a small area or [...]

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Twin Cities Taproom Guide

Thanks to folks at mspmag for creating this handy local taproom guide. 612 Brew, Dangerous Man, Fulton, they are all here! You can do your own taproom crawl, or even better: you can give us a call and we'll plan everything AND take you there.  

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Bitter Minnesota Blog

Welcome to Bitter Minnesota blog! Stick around for the latest and greatest on the amazing Minnesota brew culture and much more! We hope to see you soon. In the meantime, here something fun to read: Top 8 facts about Minnesota's brewing history.

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