In town for All-Star events? Don’t have a ticket to the game? Join us for a brewery tour of Minneapolis!

Boom Island Brewery group photo

Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tour

Join up with other craft beer lovers for a Bitter Minnesota Public craft beer tasting tour. This is a great way to see Minneapolis, taste great local craft beers, and experience Minnesota’s unique craft beer culture. At each brewery stop, there will be an opportunity to taste flagship beers, as well as some new craft beer creations and seasonal specials.

Brewery tour rates

Rates for 3-hour public join-in tours start at $75.

The tasting tour includes:

  • Experiencing Minneapolis craft beer culture
  • Tasting a variety of best local craft beers ( a pint’s worth at each stop)
  • Safe and hassle-free pick-up and drop-off
  • Friendly tasting tour guide
  • Bottled water on the bus
  • Super spicy pretzels  (trust us, you’ll need them)
  • A cooler  for those who purchase growlers at the breweries and want to keep them cold
  • The option to bring your own beer to drink on the bus

How much beer am I getting, again?

You get about a pint’s worth at each stop. All tours include at least one stop where you get a flight. Bonus: you can bring your own beer too!

What’s a growler??

Besides selling beer out of their taprooms, local breweries are allowed to sell growlers (64 oz. refillable containers) for customers who want to bring some of that delicious craft beer home. We always encourage our customers to buy growlers to bring on the bus, instead of one of those big name beers. #buylocal

But… what about food?

Breweries do not serve food. That’s usually not a problem, because there is always a food truck parked in front of each brewery and you can bring food inside. We will make sure to tell you at the beginning of the tour what food truck options are available that day. Food is not included in the price.

Friendly tasting guide:

We staff each Bitter Minnesota tasting tour with one of our friendly tasting guides to ensure a safe and memorable experience. Our hosts help you make beer selections, answer questions and introduce brewery staff (when available).


Enjoy Minnesota’s finest craft beer tasting tour experience in style as you hop on our little 14 passenger brew bus. The bus is hip, clean, and maintained like a champ for everyone safety.