BITTER MINNESOTA, LLC. is the tour operator for the services described in proposal and outlined in tour itinerary.

1. Definitions:

  • Tour Proposal: Non-binding offer of services, prior to acceptance and payment of deposit
  • Tour Agreement: binding offer of services, accepted by payment of nonrefundable deposit
  • Terms of Service: Our rules of operation which apply to all Tour Proposals and Agreements
  • Itinerary: a planned route of all stops/destinations/locations on a tour – subject to change
  • Proposed itinerary: Part of a Tour Proposal
  • Tentative itinerary: Status after all payments are made and reservations are confirmed – still subject to change based on availability, weather, etc.
  • Reservation: Always specific to a single stop/destination/location
  • Reservations: The total of all stops/destinations/locations on a tour

Services: BITTER MINNESOTA organizes and coordinates the services set forth in the Tour Proposal provided to Client, which is attached below as Addendum A and collectively referred to as the “Services. Changes or requests for changes to the Services received after the signing of the Tour Agreement cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to availability and additional fees.

What is included in a Tour: The Tour includes beer tastings at all breweries on the Finalized Itinerary (subject to change) and transportation for all tour members, plus gratuities for brewery staffs. Please see Addendum A for specifics.

Transportation: The listed Price includes all transportation – including pick-up at a location of your choosing within 1.5 miles of the Target Field in Downtown Minneapolis and drop-off at the same address. Pick-up and drop-off locations outside of that radius are subject to additional charges which are identified in Addendum A.

Reservations and Deposits: Reservations for your tour are not confirmed unless and until after we have received the non-refundable and non-transferrable deposit of 30% of the total tour fee. The breweries listed on Addendum A are tentative and are subject to change based on availability.

The non-refundable deposit is used to secure the following for your tour:
– All required reservations and booking for your Tour
– Transportation services
– Management, consulting, and monitoring of the Finalized Itinerary
– Securing professional guides and printing handout materials
– Preparing/Securing planned meals, paying tasting fees, and confirming brewery tour

Tentative Itinerary: The breweries listed are on your tentative itinerary are subject to change based on availability.

Final Payments: Payment of the remaining 70% of tour cost is due 7 days prior to the tour date listed on Addendum A. Please double check the date and time for your tour as no refunds will be given for failures to make timely payment or for scheduling errors made on your part

Payment Methods: BITTER MINNESOTA accepts all major credit cards as payment methods. By making payment through our online system, participants agree to this Terms of Service.

Cancellation, Refunds and Changes: Unless otherwise noted below, all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Customers may cancel the Services at any time, but will forfeit any deposit paid as well as the following cancellation charges:

– 14 days or more prior to departure 30% of final total tour/package cost
– 8-14 days prior to departure 50% of final total tour/ package cost
– 7 days or less prior to departure 75% of final total tour/package cost.

Cancelled reservations may be reinstated subject to availability and 15% reinstatement fees.

We understand that you may need to change or modify your reservation once it has already been confirmed. Changes to your Reservation cannot be guaranteed, but we will do the best we can to accommodate with a minimum of 72 hour’s notice. Changes to the Finalized Itinerary within one week of tour date will incur a $25 fee: From $25, subject to our discretion.

BITTER MINNESOTA cannot accommodate itinerary request changes made within 72 hours of your scheduled tour time.

Notice: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and can terminate the tour for any reason to protect the safety or well-being of the passengers, our staff or our equipment. This includes displays of inappropriate or aggressive behavior. The use or possession of illegal substances by tour participants or alcohol consumption by minors will result in the immediate termination of the Tour and the contacting of police. No refunds will be given for a tour terminated due to participant action. BITTER MINNESOTA shall have no duty or obligation to provide alternative transportation to severely impaired Tour participants, but may, in its sole discretion, assist in helping such individuals find alternative transportation.

Smoking: Absolutely NO smoking on the vehicle at any time. This includes, without limitation, any form of tobacco, cloves, marijuana or cannabis, as well as chewing tobacco and snuff. Tobacco may be consumed during the tour outside of the vehicle subject to applicable legal regulations and only where authorized or approved.

Alcohol: Guests are allowed to consume alcohol on the vehicle subject to the following rules:

  1. No outside liquor or alcoholic beverages of any kind may be consumed.
  2. No open containers may be brought on to or off of the vehicle; all open containers must remain in the passenger area behind the driver.
  3. Everyone on the vehicle must be 21 or older with a valid ID.

Waiver of Liability and Release: The individual making the Reservation must sign a waiver of liability and release for all tour Participants. This waiver is to be provided with Addendum A, and BITTER MINNESOTA will need a signed copy of the waiver prior to passengers loading the bus. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Bus Condition and Damages: We ask that all passengers be respectful and keep the vehicle as clean as possible and take excessive garbage with them. If the bus is left in poor condition, a cleaning fee of $250 may be charged to your credit card. Participants will be held responsible for any damage they cause to the vehicle, including vomit.

Personal Items: BITTER MINNESOTA assumes no risk for handling Participants’ bags and personal items and is not responsible for the loss of any such items on the vehicle. Items left on the vehicle will be held at our office for 2 weeks and then disposed of.

Responsibility: BITTER MINNESOTA shall not be responsible for the following:

  1. Other Entities – BITTER MINNESOTA cannot be held responsible cancellations, changes to Services/fees/ price, conduct, of quality of goods and for entities that operate under any name other than BITTER MINNESOTA including, but not limited to: vendors, breweries, distilleries, cideries and their staffs, hotels, transportation companies, restaurants and entertainers.
  2. Weather – Unless otherwise noted and specified in Addendum all Services will occur regardless of weather. Participants are advised to review the weather forecast and dress appropriately. In the event of an “Act of God” or where weather presents a safety issue, BITTER MINNESOTA may suggest alternative arrangements. There will be no refunds for inclement weather experienced during the Services.
  3. Conduct – BITTER MINNESOTA assumes no responsibility for the conduct of tour participants.

Indemnity: Except as otherwise prohibited by law, participants in BITTER MINNESOTA Events shall indemnify and hold BITTER MINNESOTA, and without limitation, its staff, employees, owners and affiliates, harmless from all claims, actions, suits, losses, and expenses of any nature related to the use of BITTER MINNESOTA’s Services.

Insurance: BITTER MINNESOTA maintains insurance coverage for all vehicles and staff utilized while providing Services.

By paying the non-refundable tour deposit, you agree that you have read all of the above terms and conditions as well as Addendum A, and agree to be bound by them.

If you have any questions, please contact BITTER MINNESOTA at 612 568 2404. We are looking forward to creating an amazing Craft Beer Tour Experience for your group!

See you on our little blue buses.