Private Tour Agreement for Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours

1. WHAT WE DO: Bitter Minnesota organizes and coordinates brewery and taproom tours throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. The specifics of your tour are identified in your Private Tour Plan. After signing this Agreement, any requests for changes to services received cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability.

2. WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE PRICE? Bitter Minnesota tours include: beer tastings, transportation, spicy pretzels and gratuities for brewery staff. The price doesn’t include gratuities for drivers or tour guides. Our drivers and tour guides do enjoy tips. All the details of your tour, including confirmation of special requests can be found in your Private Tour Plan.

3. PICK UP AND DROP OFF: Pick-up and drop-off is in the parking lot of Grumpy’s Bar, which is located at: 1111 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55415 (Street parking available at the meters.) If you would prefer to be picked up somewhere other than Grumpy’s, we also offer a “custom pick-up & drop-off” for your convenience. The cost is an additional $25.00, within 5 miles of Target Field in downtown Minneapolis. The custom pick-up fee is per location, not per passenger. For locations outside the 5 mile radius, please call us at 612.568.2404 or email us for a estimate.

4. PICK UP LOCATION AND ITINERARY: We need to know your  pick-up location at least 72 hours (3 days) before your tour.

5. DEPOSITS, FEES, AND PAYMENTS: A deposit of  $400 is required upon signing this agreement to reserve the date and time of your tour. The deposit is NON-refundable. The deposit will be applied to your tour price. The remaining balance is due SEVEN DAYS before your tour. Failure to make your payment on time will result in the cancellation of your tour and the forfeit of your deposit. Your payment will be used to secure the following resources :

i. Making reservations

ii. Paying necessary brewery and tasting fees

iii.  Assigning personnel & transportation

We also reserve the right to charge the following additional fees:

a. Beverage Spills on the Bus- $50

b. Clean-Up of Bodily Fluids – $100

c. General Clean-Up (for excessive trash left on the bus) – $50

d. Damage to Bus – Actual Cost of Repairs +15%

6. BUS CONDITION: We want you to have a blast on the tour, but we ask that you be respectful and keep the bus as clean as possible and take garbage with you when you leave.

7. ITINERARY: Visits to the breweries and taprooms identified on your itinerary are subject to availability. We are unable to confirm visits until we receive final payment/your itinerary.

8. METHOD OF PAYMENT: Bitter Minnesota accepts all major credit cards as well as green dollar bills. We prefer that participants register and pay online at: Our address is: 117 Washington Ave N #5, Minneapolis, MN 55401. We cannot be responsible for slow or lost mail.

9. REINSTATING CANCELLED RESERVATIONS: Cancelled reservations may be reinstated subject to availability and payment of a reinstatement fee in the amount of 15% of the tour package price. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

10. TERMINATION: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and can terminate a tour at any time to protect the safety of the customers or staff. Intoxication, incapacity or the use or possession of illegal substances on the bus will lead to the immediate termination of the tour and possibly contacting the authorities. No refunds will be given for a tour in which service is terminated.

11. WEATHER : Unless otherwise noted, all services operate regardless of weather. In the event that the weather presents a safety issue we may alter or cancel a tour. We are unable to offer refunds for inclement weather experienced during any tour. It is your responsibility to be prepared for Minnesota’s variable weather and dress accordingly.

12. CUSTOMER CONDUCT: – Bitter Minnesota can assume no responsibility for the conduct of tour participants.

1. We do not allow smoking on the bus at any time.

2. Participants are allowed to drink beer on the bus as long as they follow the rules:

a. No open containers may be brought on or off the bus.

b. Beer must remain in the passenger area, away from the driver.

c. No hard liquor.

d. Everyone on the bus must be 21 or older, with a valid ID.*

e. Be respectful to your fellow tour participants and staff.

13. PERSONAL ITEMS: Bitter Minnesota is not responsible for the loss or theft of any personal items on the bus. Keep track of your stuff and take it with you! Items found on the bus will be kept in our office for 2 weeks and then disposed of.

14. INSURANCE: Bitter Minnesota maintains insurance coverage for our vehicles.

By paying the NON-REFUNDABLE $400 deposit for your tour, you are accepting the terms of our Tour Agreement and the remaining balance to be invoiced.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (612) 568-2404. We are looking forward to creating the best Minnesota Craft Beer Experience for your group.