Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours

Bitter Minnesota Craft Beer Tasting Tours offers an unforgettable experience exploring Minnesota’s booming craft beer culture. Minneapolis and St. Paul are home to some of the newest and most interesting craft breweries and brewpubs anywhere in the country, and we want to share the experience with you.

Whether you’re joining us on our popular all-inclusive daily tour, planning a corporate tour, or arranging a private tour for a special occasion, Bitter Minnesota takes you on the greatest craft beer adventure in Minnesota.

We recommend hopping on a public tour for groups of four or less.

What to expect from all-inclusive, public join-in tours:

You buy a ticket for yourself and your guests online and we pick you up at a downtown Minneapolis location. You will sample a variety of best local craft beers (as much, or as little as your palate craves) and the tour will last approximately 3 hours.

Private and Corporate tours

For groups of 6 or more, we assist by helping you choose an existing tour or design a custom tour based on your preferences.