What Are Visitors Saying About Bitter Minnesota

Toronto, Montreal, New Jersey, Madison, Topeka, Portland  - we've had customers from all of these cities and we love them all! Typically, out-of-towners do their research before they even get here. They to try to find the activities that help them learn more about Minneapolis, that are also safe and fun. Bitter Minnesota often comes up at [...]

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What Breweries Made the City Pages 2015 Best of the Twin Cities List?

Every year City Pages staff sits down and puts together a comprehensive list of places we love and things we like to do in the Twin Cities. The 2015 list was just released and we browsed the Food & Drink section to see what breweries and brew trends made the list. Best Brewery Minneapolis 2015 - Indeed Brewing [...]

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What Your Taproom Server Wants You to Know

We take pride in showing off local breweries to newbies and we often get asked about taproom etiquette. Breweries are often very busy and to navigate them could look challenging for first time visitors. To help with that, MN Beer Activists sat down with servers from 8 local breweries and put together a list of  13 Things Your Taproom [...]

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Choose your Own Adventure Halloween Brewery Crawl

Want to have a scary good time this Halloween AND enjoy local craft beer? We have just the thing for you! The Northeast Brewers and Bitter Minnesota are proud to present: Choose your Own Adventure Halloween Brewery Crawl, happening on Oct 31, 2014, 7-12 p.m. Start at any brewery and hop on the Bitter Minnesota Brewery [...]

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Weekend brew round-up

Here's a great guide of beer related activities happening around town this weekend, compiled by City Pages. If you're out and about, make sure to stop by 612 Brew, Pig & Fiddle, Harriet Brewing, etc. for various beer related events. Also, this Monday night, First Avenue is hosting MN Beer Activists' St. Patrick's Day rally for Sunday Sales. [...]

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Comedian Sam Harriman to open Sisyphus Brewing

Comedy and beer? Sounds like a great combination! Soon, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy both at start-up brewery Sisyphus Brewing. According to City Pages, the brewery seeks a new niche in the ever-expanding craft beer industry -- as a taproom-only brewery that hosts comedy shows, live music, and podcasts. Owned by comedian Sam Harriman, Sisyphus [...]

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A Mega Map Of 2,500 Breweries Across The U.S.

Feast your eyes on this amazing Mega Map of 2,500 breweries across America. It’s a follow up to last year’s version which only featured about 1,000 landmarks. Source: Fast Company.

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Minnesota Craft Beer Scene Boomed In 2013

You can say that again! Vita.mn looks back on the year in craft beer. Here are the highlights. New additions At least 14 new beer-makers fired up fermenters in 2013. By mid-February, northeast Minneapolis established its “brew district” with Dangerous Man and 612Brew joining Indeed to form a taproom trinity within about a mile from [...]

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Introducing the Vita.mn Six-Pack

OK, this is a pretty cool bundle of Minnesota beers Vita.mn recently convened some of the savviest beer minds in the state to help choose six beers of distinction, by weighing their iconicity, taste and impact on Minnesota beer culture. One of the six was chosen by 1,200 Vita.mn readers in an online vote. The [...]

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A History of Minnesota Breweries, in GIFs

Beer and GIF's. We obviously love the map that was just released on MPR news, explaining the history of Minnesota breweries. The first heyday of Minnesota brewing came in the 1870s, when the largest number of breweries were producing beer. These, however, were mostly small family businesses that provided beer for a small area or [...]

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