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Who Is Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours?

Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours provides a hassle-free craft beer tasting experience. We work with the finest breweries to provide a variety of craft beer tastings within Minnesota’s best taprooms and brewpubs.

More than 11,000 folks, from all over the world, have enjoyed the Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tour and Craft Beer Tasting Experience.

Experience the best of Minnesota's craft brew culture

Want to learn more about us? There are dozens of craft breweries in the state of Minnesota, many of them located in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area. Our love for locally produced brews and the craftsmanship behind them inspired us to create memorable tasting experiences by helping you navigate brewery to brewery, and beer to beer.

Tour Details

* We provide daily, all-inclusive, pre-planned craft beer tasting tours
* You sample beer at the best Minnesota craft breweries
* Friendly tasting tour guides help you create a memorable experience
* Private tours can be customized for special occasions and corporate events

Rated The Best Brewery Tour in Minnesota

Check out the great experiences our guests have on our craft brewery tours throughout the Twin Cities