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Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours

More than 11,000 people, from all over the world, have enjoyed the Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tour and Craft Beer Tasting Experience.

Bitter Minnesota craft beer tasting & brewery tour experience.

For people interested in Minnesota‘s unique craft beer scene, Bitter Minnesota is a craft beer tasting & brewery tour experience in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We provide a curated craft beer experience that appeals to folks from all over the world. Our tasting tours take adventurous people interested in tasting Minneapolis’s best locally produced craft beer to Minnesota’s best local craft breweries and brewpubs.

Whether you are a visitor, a local, new to craft beer or a full-on connoisseur, we promise safe & reliable transportation and all the necessary planning to enhance your craft beer tasting experience.

Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours is the best way to experience all the best craft beer Minneapolis and St. Paul has to offer.

Join us for an all-inclusive craft beer tasting tour of Minnesota’s best breweries on our Public brewery tours, Private brewery tours, and Corporate brewery tours.

Where is Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours located

Bitter Minnesota is located in the historic North Loop, also known as the Warehouse District, a neighborhood located in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is situated just north of the central business district and is bordered by the Mississippi River to the east, Washington Avenue to the south, Plymouth Avenue to the north, and Hennepin Avenue to the west.

The North Loop is characterized by its historic warehouses and industrial buildings, upscale condominiums, restaurants, craft breweries, boutiques, and art galleries. The neighborhood has experienced significant revitalization in recent years and has become a popular destination for young professionals, artists, and residents seeking a vibrant urban lifestyle.

In addition to its residential and commercial appeal, the North Loop is also home to several notable attractions and landmarks. These include Target Field, the home stadium of the Minnesota Twins baseball team, Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours and the Minneapolis Farmers Market, one of the largest outdoor markets in the region.

The North Loop offers a lively atmosphere with a mix of modern amenities and historic charm, making it a desirable neighborhood for both residents and visitors in Minneapolis.

Who uses Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours

Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours is a popular brewery tour and craft beer tasting experience provider across a diverse groups of people, including:

Tourists: Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours are commonly taken by tourists who are visiting Minneapolis and St. Paul, commonly known as the Twin Cities. These tours provide an opportunity to explore Minnesota’s vibrant craft beers scene, landmarks, and historical sites in a convenient and organized manner. Book now on our public tour

Travelers: People who are traveling for leisure or business purposes may also opt for a Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tour during their stay in the Twin Cities. It allows them to make the most of their limited time and gain insights into the craft beer and food culture, take in the beauty of Minnesota, and hit up one of our local stadiums to see the Minnesota Twins (baseball), Vikings (football), Timberwolves (basketball), Linx (basketball), Saints (baseball), or the Minnesota United (soccer). Book now on our public tour

Locals: Surprisingly, Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours are not only for tourists. Thousands of locals also jump on tours to taste the freshest beers, see the newest breweries, learn more about the brewing process, and to entertain visiting friends and family. Book now on our public tour or learn about our private craft brewery tours

Students and educational groups: Bitter Minnsota tours are frequently organized for students and educational groups as part of their curriculum or field trips. These tours offer a hands-on learning experience and provide valuable insights into the local economics of the Minnesota craft beer ecosystem and get a deeper understanding of the relationship between local craft between local craft beer producers and consumers. Book now on our public tour or learn about our private craft brewery tours

Families and groups: Families and groups of friends often choose Bitter Minnesota to book private craft beer tasting and brewery tour experiences as a way to explore Minneapolis and St. paul together. It offers a fun and exciting experience where everyone can enjoy a variety of vibrant craft brewery taprooms and test the best craft beer Minnesota has to offer.

Solo travelers: A Bitter Minnesota Craft Brewery Tour and Tasting Experience is a great way for solo travelers who want to meet new people, join a group, and have a guided experience through Minneapolis and St. Paul’s vibrant craft beer scene. It provides an opportunity to socialize and share the experience with fellow travelers, and make new friends from around the world. Book Now on our public tour

How do businesses partner with Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours

Corporate Event Planners: Event planners leverage Bitter Minnesota’s in-depth knowledge of producing amazing group experiences to partner on organizing and coordinating various events for corporations and businesses in, or traveling to Minnesota.

Together, Bitter Minnesota help’s plan, execute, and manage the transportation, entertainment, venue selection, food, and craft beer consumption for corporate events, such as conferences, trade shows, seminars, product launches, team-building activities, employee appreciation events, training and development programs, retreats, networking events, charity and fundraising events, incentive trips, rewards programs, corporate anniversaries, mergers, acquisitions, expansions, hackathons, innovation challenges, leadership summits, executive forums, investor relations events, and company holiday parties. Contact us if your brewery is interested in working with the Bitter Minnesota Team.

How do craft breweries partner with Bitter Minnesota

Minnesota Breweries form mutually beneficial partnerships with Bitter Minnesota based on our values and reputation as a stakeholder in the Minnesota craft beer ecosystem and as participants in the hyper-local economics of craft beer, craft beverages, and local food.

Partnering with Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours can offer several benefits to a craft brewery. Here are some ways Minnesota craft breweries benefit from partnership:

Increased exposure and customer reach: Partnering with Bitter Minnesota allows breweries to tap into a new customer base. Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours and Craft Beer Tasting Experiences provide an opportunity for the brewery to showcase its latest offerings to a broader international audience.

Enhanced brand visibility: By partnering with Bitter Minnesota, craft breweries can increase their brand visibility and brand awareness. The Bitter Tours promote the brewery's name, logo, and products to people with little to no brand recognition of the brewer.

Collaborative marketing opportunities: Bitter Minnesota frequently collaborates with breweries to create unique and themed experiences for their customers. This can involve featuring the brewery's beers exclusively on the bus or organizing special events and tastings at the brewery. These collaborations can generate buzz and attract new customers to both the brewery and their food truck partners.

Increased sales and revenue: By providing a transportation option for customers to visit the brewery, the Bitter Minnesota partnership boosts sales and revenue. People who may have been hesitant to drive long distances or arrange transportation can now conveniently visit the brewery as part of a guided tour or event, increasing the likelihood of purchases and repeat visits.

Customer convenience and experience: Bitter Minnesota offers convenient transportation services, ensuring that customers can enjoy the brewery experience without worrying about driving or navigating directions. This convenience can attract more customers, especially those who are interested in repeat visits with out of town family and friends.

Feedback, analytics, and market insights: Interacting with Bitter Minnesota customers provides craft breweries with valuable feedback and insights into consumer preferences. Through conversations, ratings, reviews, and surveys, the breweries can gather information on what customers like, what new beer styles they are interested in, and their overall experiences. This feedback can help breweries refine their offerings and stay attuned to local, national, and international market trends. Contact us if your brewery is interested in connecting with the Bitter Minnesota Team.

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