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Brewery Bus Birthdays

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Microbreweries are Great Settings for Celebrations

Are you a beer enthusiast looking for a unique way to celebrate your birthday? A brewery tour birthday party can be a great way to celebrate. Adding in a brewery tour bus is the perfect way to gather your friends, taste some fantastic brews, and celebrate with an authentic experience.

Minneapolis, Minnesota has a vibrant microbrewery culture with a number of small, family-owned breweries. Brewery tours are an excellent way to support small businesses and learn about the brewing process and sample different beers. They can also be a lot of fun, especially if you bring your friends. Let’s discuss some of the ins and outs of planning a bus tour of local breweries for your birthday.

Planning a Brewery Tour Birthday

You can get started by researching breweries in the Twin Cities area or in a destination city that you'd like to visit. Consider the types of beer they offer, their ambience, and any tasting or music events they may have planned. Once you have a list of breweries you'd like to visit, create an itinerary that includes the order in which you'll visit them, their addresses, and the time you'll spend at each location.

Consider your budget. Are you buying drinks for everyone? Are you providing food and cake? Make sure you budget so that everyone can enjoy the experience. Decide if you want to rent a party bus, charter a minibus, hire a designated driver, or look into a specialty tour company to ensure that everyone can enjoy the festivities safely.

Think about your friends that don’t drink. Some breweries offer alternative beverages and activities not related to tasting brews. Optionally, you can reach out to specific breweries and local restaurants near breweries to get more information about party room rentals, events, seating capacity, food options, activities for non-drinkers, and other considerations.

Don’t Forget Some Key Items

  • Fully charged phone - you will want to snap photos of your experiences and the flights of craft beer that you’re tasting
  • Bring bottled water so you can stay hydrated - alcohol can dehydrate you
  • Bring some loose cash so you can tip your servers, tour guides, and bartenders
  • Bring some snacks - pretzels go great with beer
  • Make sure all your friends and family get home safe

Enjoy the Experience

By taking some time to plan, you will be able to be in the moment and enjoy the atmosphere and local tastes. Each establishment produces unique brews based on the local water supply and environment. You’ll end the night with memories you and your friends and family can cherish for years to come. If you don’t want to go it alone, Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours has brewery tour planners that can craft a unique itinerary for your birthday celebration, stress-free. You can reach out at our private tours page.

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