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John F

John Fillman

Minnesota Tourism Advocate

I'm John Fillman, the proud owner and operator of Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours in the vibrant North Loop of Minneapolis, Minnesota. My roots are deeply planted in the Iron Range of Hibbing, Minnesota, where my upbringing as the son of a seasoned entrepreneur and Minnesota tourism advocate sparked my interest in showcasing the rich culture and stunning landscapes of our beautiful state.

An ardent enthusiast of hyper-local economics, I am fascinated by the powerful role Minnesota craft brewers play in spurring economic growth, fostering innovation, and creating job opportunities. It was this passion that led me to recognize the emerging Minneapolis craft beer market's potential for invigorating our local neighborhoods and developing a unique cultural identity around small businesses that make tasty things.

My goal with Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours is not just to highlight the craft beer scene but to create immersive experiences that reflect the sights, sounds, tastes, and people that make up our local food and craft drink ecosystem. Through my work, I am dedicated to promoting local businesses, celebrating their achievements in craft beer, wine, distilled beverage, meat, cheese, and bread, and contributing to the ongoing growth and development of our local economy.