Our newest pick for Bitter Minnesota Beer of the Week Gïga Lüpin from our friends at Bent Brewstillery.  Bartley Blume, owner/president/head distiller/lord of Brews & Booze describes it as hops, hops, and more hops. With notes of sweet malt, lychee, ripe mango, and papaya; citrus and dankness to keep you honest; and enough smooth alcohol to perform most back alley surgeries.

Craft Beer Description

  • Style: Triple IPA
  • ABV: 10%
  • IBU: 100+

What are the ingredients?

  • Malts: Pilsner, 2-row, Wheat
  • Hops: ­Idaho-7, Nugget
  • Yeast: American Ale

How can I buy Gïga Lüpin?

  • On Tap    – In the taproom and around town
  • Can – 16oz pounders
  • Mini-growler – yep, 750ml Howlers

When can I buy Gïga Lüpin?

  • Seasonally, Late Winter thru Spring.

Where can I buy Gïga Lüpin?

  • Brewery Taproom
  • Bars & Restaurants throughout MN and Eastern North Dakota
  • Liquor stores throughout MN and Eastern North Dakota

Bent Brewstillery is open 4 pm – 10 pm Tue-Thu; 2:30 pm – midnight on Fridays, noon – midnight on Saturdays, and noon – 7 pm on Sundays.

You can visit Bent Brewstillery with Bitter Minnesota on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Book your spot today!