For the latest edition of Bitter Minnesota Beer of the Week, we head over to St Paul, to check out Lake Monster Brewing. Located in the newly renovated Vandalia Tower near University Avenue, the brewery focuses on unique versions of classic beer styles, putting a unique twist on the flavors craft beer drinkers have come to love. According to founder/ brewmaster Matt Lange, Serpent Summer Ale that we’re highlighting today, is the perfect summer patio beer.

Describe the beer, taste, IBU, ABV, etc.

  • Belgian Wheat
  • ABV: 5%
  • IBU: 20

What are the ingredients?

  • Malts: ­Malt – 2-row, wheat
  • Hops: ­ Meridian
  • Yeast: ­Belgian Ale 1010

Beer nerd stats!

  • SRM: 3

How can I buy Serpent Summer Ale?

  • ­​On Tap at the taproom
  • Growler
  • ­Mini-growler

When can I buy Serpent Summer Ale?

  • Summer only

Where can I buy Serpent Summer Ale?

  • Brewery Taproom
  • Bars
  • Restaurants

Good with? (Food or activities)

  • Halfway between a Belgian Wit and a Saison, with a spicy yeast character and good drinkability. Tasty on a warm summer day. Serpent Summer Ale is the perfect summer patio beer!

Additional details?

Lake Monster Brewing is open 4 pm-10 pm on Monday through Thursday; 2 pm to midnight on Fridays, noon to midnight on Saturdays, and noon – 8 pm on Sundays.

Lake Monster is coming to Bitter Minnesota brewery tours; stay tuned for the official announcement !